Prato Sesia, Italy. Cavanna SpA and 40 other entrepreneurs have donated a Minibus to the Anffas Association. 21/07/20174

Cavanna SpA is pleased to participate in a beneficial alliance including 40 other entrepreneurs in the donation of a new equipped vehicle to the Anffas Valsesia Association for Cascina Spazzacamini in Prato Sesia.


Export Focused Corporate Culture 15/03/2017

"Export is a cultural matter rather than commercial: it requires updates, continuous study, a high propensity to human relationships and above all is a team work that cannot be managed by one person, in particular when it represents 85% of our turnover, as it is in our company ": 


An unique visit 09/01/2017

At the end of the 2016, a delegation of Belarusian boys and girls were accompanied by the head of the territorial association Puer, brought season's greetings to Cavanna.


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