CO-VID19 Update

Italy is now in PHASE3, which is a sort of post-Covid ‘normality'. All businesses are re-opened and working, with no further restrictions to people circulation in the country. 

At Cavanna we are 100% operative, working on the lines being manufactured and whenever needed. Otherwise we are remote working when our presence is not strictly needed on premises.

Our After Sales supports our customers through direct visits from Italy and through our sister companies Cavanna Packaging USA Inc., Cavanna Ltda Brazil as well as our Service Hubs around the world.

For those customers whose Governments do not yet allow visits, we are fully supportive through a full package of remote services, from technical assistance/troubleshooting to virtual FAT and Commissioning.

CAVANNA, always by your side.

O flowpack é o mais democrático do mundo

É um tipo de embalagem a baixo custo.
Permite o uso de material em menor quantidade em comparação aos outros tipos de embalagens.
Requer uma tecnologia não tão complexa.
Garante a vida útil até seis meses a partir da embalagem.
Nos Países em desenvolvimento, caracterizados por um baixo poder de compra, a indústria alimentar tem como objetivo a investir, mais cedo, em FLOWPACK,  do que em outros tipos de embalagens.