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Pharmaceutical product

Customer needed to get a complex pack containing drug blister, literature, vanity wallet and dessicant bag...

Cereal bars

Among the most difficult items to handle in packaging there are sticky products. 

The challenge of Danone

The customer's requirement was to grant a performance of his line higher than 99% by using two high speed flowpack machines.


Customer packaging requirement was to get stacks of 3/4 biscuits each, depending on the size of the product. 

Chocolate Biscuits in moulds

Even the carb-conscious get tempted by so delicious chocolate biscuits. And, with the market demand running high, one of the world's largest ... 

Lotus speculos

Lotus Bakeries is one of the  largest producers and  brand leaders in caramelised biscuits, waffles, galettes and cakes.


A European leading wafer manufacturer was looking for a supplier to satisfy his packaging needs. 

Paradise Foods Industries

Paradise needed an automated and flexible line to properly handle and wrap biscuits of different sizes standing on edge. 

Eye Drops Solutions

The customer, a primary European Pharmaceutical Company, required to wrap stripes of vials in various composition..

Cereals bars in boxes

The customer's need was to have a fully automated system to form, fill and close boxes of flow-wrapped cereal bars.