In our Service department there are qualified people who are in charge of drawing up the complete instruction manuals of the packaging lines produced by Cavanna. You can send your request to them in case you need:

  • Paper version of the manual of an existing packaging line.
  • Interactive Spare Part Catalogue with exploded drawings for ease of part identification and direct link to Cavanna Spare Parts Section.




Catalogue available in:

  • Interactive PDF Version. Very easy to use thanks to the interactive codes and the exploded views. Automatic compilation of desired spare list with codes, description and quantity.
  • Interactive Version installed on Tablet Android. The tablet is supplied with APP pre-installed that allows the download of the desired spare part catalogue. The use of the tablet in front of the machine make easier the identification of the requested parts.


Advantages of this catalogue:

  • Simplified identifications of parts.
  • Reduction of misidentification errors.
  • Composition of spare parts list by means of direct selection of the relevant codes directly from the exploded drawings.
  • Re-ordering time reduction.
  • Identification of spare parts by means of different classes of priority (consumable - maintenance - long lead items).


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