Our MIT (Team Materiali Incarto – Packaging Material Team) was established at Cavanna at the end of the year 2000 and consists of a group of people supporting our Service department by studying the possible interaction between wrapping materials and the sealing units of the wrappers. This division was created after a careful survey was conducted that identified that informational gaps existed on the interaction and performance of different packaging material and respective wrapping machines. In an effort to fill this gap, Cavanna has collaborated with various packaging film supplier to create new and innovative material that meets the ever changing needs of the market. To meet the increased demands of a customers environmental stewardship, Cavanna has created partnership with material suppliers to study and supply bio-degradable material which are very difficult and complex to be used. The key element of the MIT is our Test Laboratory "TESTCLAB", where we are performing all the tests on new wrapping materials to verify their sealing performance or reductions of web width/cut.

Available Services:

  • Cooperation with Packaging Material producers (Gerosa Group and Taghleef Industries) with the aim of developing and testing higher performance films.
  • Test on packaging materials with inert gas injection.
  • Supplying instruments and devices for seal quality measurements (VTS6  and VTS20).
  • Supplying complementary equipment and devices (N2 generators, Vision systems for quality control, Inert Gas Analyzers, etc..).
  • Co-Packing and renting.

Advantages of this service:

  • It gives the possibility to the Customer to test specific requirements without interfering with their production process.
  • It allows to verify and look for the best advantage in terms of price reduction and reduction of packaging material per each pack.
  • Waste reduction.
  • Improvement of the sealing quality and sealing performance.

TestCLab Team

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