Social Responsability

The Group strategy is focused on the engineering of dedicated and complete solutions for medium and high-speed lines capable of managing every kind of product typology starting from the last processing station to the overwrapping equipment, paying particular attention to efficiency (saving) and environment-friendly applications (trimmings and wrapping material reduction, eco-friendly food packaging).

Today, the company claims leadership not because of its size (although this is impressive in terms of sales volume and presence in almost every country around the world), but because it demonstrates its plant-engineering mission with great professionalism. It also conducts research on new wrapping materials and on the environmental impact of waste recycling optimization, with the aim of participating in research of the performance of new organic (especially biodegradable) materials.

Cavanna is committed to protecting the environment, attentive to developments, and ready to implement - and even to anticipate - changes. Cavanna recognizes the importance of the Company's ethical and social responsibility. It is aware that a good reputation also indirectly determines a good image, generating virtuous behavior and mutual trust with its stakeholders.

Cavanna operates within the Group, the culture of Safety, Environment and Territory.

Social Responsability
  • Since 2000, accidents at work, on an annual basis have been 2.5%.
  • Training and continuous information.
  • Flow of «status of the supplier» and «raw materials».
  • Specific medical check-ups for each type of job role.
  • Periodic review of work tools and verification of workspaces (ergonomics).
Social Responsability
  • 100% removal of Asbestos still in place on plant roof.
  • Installation of solar panels (total production of 200KW, 19% of energy requirements).
  • Replacement of conventional lighting with next-generation Beghelli, high energy savings (over 70%).
  • Remote control system of the cooling and heating system.
  • Salvage of paper and careful re-use of photocopies.
  • Biodegradable materials studied by our MIT, in order to propose natural materials (environmentally friendly) to our more innovative customers.
Social Responsability

Cavanna has always been attentive to its Territory. Over the years it has always favored high cultural, social, sporting or charity organizations.

Through the Rava Foundation – which has always been active in Haiti - Cavanna contributed to the reconstruction of artificial implants for children and the immediate shipment of a 95 ton container of pasta, flour for bread making and biscuits after the earthquake for the children's hospital in Port au France. In addiction of this, Cavanna has contributed to the building of an operating theatre in the Maternity ward and Neonatal Medicine ward of the N.P.H. Saint Damien pediatric hospital in Haiti.

Social Responsability
Other projects
  • A.S.D. PAVIC volleyball sports club (male and female) «Giocosport Project»;
  • ANFFAS «Rustic Farmhouse Chimney Sweepers Project» for the support of families of people with intellectual and relational disabilities;
  • UNICEF: for the purchase of 33.330 biscuits with a high energy value for the nutrition of children;
  • A.N.G.S.A. Novara Onlus: thru the "I Bambini delle Fate" foundation that provides funds to treat the autistic children of the therapeutic center;
  • F.I.S.P.S - PIEMONTE SECTION - for ski security;
  • PUER ONLUS - Gruppo cuori senza confini Garbagna e Bassa Novarese:  Hospitality to the Chernobyl children in families and in a recreational center.
Social Responsability
  • Technical Industrial Institutes (located in Novara, Borgomanero and Borgosesia).
  • Scientific Secondary School (located in Borgosesia and Borgomanero) «Sciences Classroom Project».
  • Turin Polytechnic.
  • Milan Polytechnic.
  • Secondary School of Arts State Arts «Graphic design project for stand at Interpack».
Social Responsability

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