Why doesn't the machine reset?

The sensors that detect the positions of the pusher chain and sealing jaws may be faulty. Check correct sensor operation.
If the wrapping machine is equipped with a touch-screen, sensor operation is displayed on the synoptic on the main menu.

Why aren't pages displayed on the touch-screen?

The connection between the terminal and the CPU may be interrupted. Check on the screen: if you see "COM" flashing in red at the bottom, the connection is faulty.
There may be two causes: the axis control CPU no longer runs the program (re-install the program), or the axis control power supply is faulty and has to be replaced.

Why is cutting pitch unstable?

The film may not be pulled correctly by the longitudinal sealing unit.
Check sealing pressure between the sealing wheel caps.
Check that automatic closing is performed correctly.

The printing position is wrong. What should I do?

The print read photocell has to be calibrated for read sensitivity.
The "print centering" control has not been turned on.
The spot read photocell is faulty.

Why does film come out of the folding box?

The film counter-rolls are incorrectly positioned.
The film reel is not aligned on the machine center line.
The reel brakes are incorrectly set.

Why isn't longitudinal sealing performed?

Temperature is set too low.
Incorrect mechanical coupling between sealing wheels.
Insufficient sealing pressure.

Why isn't transverse sealing performed?

Temperature is set too low.
Incorrect mechanical coupling between sealing jaws.
Insufficient sealing pressure.

Why are there burns on the seals?

Temperature set on sealing elements is too high.
If the burns are on the transverse seals, in addition to high temperature, the pressure setting may be too high.

Why aren't the packs separated?

Incorrect contact between knife and anvil.
Jaws are not parallel.
Dull knife.

Why don't the product ejection devices work?

The reflector for the product detection photocell is dirty.
The product detection photocell is faulty.
The solenoid for pneumatic ejection of the product is faulty.

Why aren't products inserted correctly into the pusher chain?

The photocells on the phasing belts are dirty or faulty.
If the fault involves a photocell, the system generates an alarm displayed on the screen.
If all photocells are faulty, the wrapping system stops.
The conveyor belts slip on the rubber drive rolls: clean the rolls and belts.

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