CO-VID19_Weekly Update

Also this week Cavanna continues being fully operative in Smart Working mode with over 70% of our workforce (Service, Technical Assistance, Engineering, Sales, …).
Supporting our Customers also via Remote Assistance, a precious technology, considering the extraordinary times we are living.
To grant the safest working conditions for our personnel, the workshop was closed for few days and completely sanitized, re-starting next week, on Monday.

Cavanna Never Stops

The flowpack is one of the most accessible in the world

Ensure low costs.
Allows the use of smaller quantities of material compared to other types of packaging.
Requires a technology that is not too complex.
Guarantees the shelf-life up to six months after packing. In developing countries, characterized by a low purchasing power, the food industry aims to invest in flow pack, earlier than in other types of packaging.

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