Wrappers Revamping Program

Suitable for all wrappers but mostly devoted to mechanical machines Cavanna 07 that will be modified and transformed in electronic machines (Electronic Rockwell A.B. or Elau Schneider).

The refurbishment consists of the following steps:

  • A complete mechanical refurbishment with replacement of all worn parts with new parts of the latest technology (materials and design)
  • Replacement of main motor, transmission chains sprockets, PIV and differential box with a set of servo driven motors driving the different functions of the machine
  • Supplying a new panel with commercial controls, electronic drivers, touch screen, Sercos technology, software etc.
  • Sealing wheel
  • Crimper jaws, knives and anvils
  • Removal of PIV and differential box
  • Servo driven motors
  • Removal of 88 dwell gear box
  • Discharge conveyor
  • Repainting of the structure if requested
  • Electrical panel
  • Touch screen HMI
Options available on request:
  • No product-no bag
  • No gap-no seal
  • Photocell for print centering (Registration)
  • Air evacuation in packages
  • Gusseting
  • Coders and labelling
  • Cooled sealing wheels covers