The diffusion in Italy is now under control.
Phase2 has started, with most business activities re-opened and the remaining ones doing so in 10 days or so.
Cavanna continues to operate regularly, in the workshop, on the lines being manufactured, and in smart working, for those colleagues who do not need to be physically present on premises.
Varying from country to country, depending on national rules, we have re-started sending our technicians abroad.
While we also support our Customers via Remote Assistance, a precious technology, considering the extraordinary times we are living.   
Our sister companies, Cavanna Packaging USA Inc. and Cavanna Ltda in Brazil, support our North America & Latin America Customers respectively.
CAVANNA Never Stops!

El flowpack es el packaging más democrático en el mundo

Es una tipología de empaquetado a bajo coste.
Permite utilizar menores cantidades de material respecto a otras tipologías de packaging.
Pide una tecnología de producción no excesivamente compleja.
Garantiza el shelf-life del producto hasta seis meses del empaquetado.
En los países en vías de desarrollo, donde hay un bajo poder adquisitivo, la industria alimenticia mira de invertir en el flowpack, en lugar de otras tipologías de packaging.