Riccardo Cavanna è stato designato alla Vice Presidenza, per il biennio 2020-2022, e come Presidente, per il biennio 2022-2024, di Ucima 16/07/2020

Al termine delle consultazioni con le aziende associate, la Commissione di designazione di Ucima (Unione dei costruttori italiani di macchine automatiche per il confezionamento e l'imballaggio) ha stabilito che il quadriennio 2020-2024 vedrà alternarsi alla presidenza due imprenditori. 

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With reference to the decision of the Italian government to extend the shutdown of manufacturing industry to contain the COVID virus, Cavanna is working hard & operating to provide the main services in terms of spare parts, both essential and critical to all our customers. We are waiting to receive the definite authorization by the competent authorities.  

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Even though Cavanna has not been affected by any suspected case of the CO-VID19 we are strictly following our Government indications aimed at limiting the diffusion virus in north regions of Italy.

Since yesterday we are subject to some restrictions to the movements of people in and out the neighboring territories, but this is not slowing our activities. Thanks to the technological tools already in place, many of our employees, are fully equipped for ‘smart working', from Cavanna premises, home or any other place when they are.

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